Web Site Services
  Crossroads Computer Services is a unique company that provides many technology solutions for your individual needs. We design and maintain web sites, provide hosting solutions and optimize your site for the best organic search engine placement. Need interactive web sites, No Problem !! We use MySql databases along with Ajax and Flash to provide you and your customers with a rich, impressive user experience. A built in site search feature allows your customers to easily find the information that they are looking for.

Zen Cart / Virtual Tours / Video
  Do you need a shopping solution, we will customize the industry leading Zen Cart for your business. Need video or virtual tours? We offer the finest in Flash based virtual tours and Youtube compatible videos. No need for any cumbersome Java virtual machine headaches. our flash based tours are available on almost every desktop on the planet and many smart phones. Do you need your site to be usable on the go, we can customize your pages to display in a user friendly manner on most smart phones.

Custom Software
  Crossroads Computer Services has provides custom software for customers large and small. We have delivered telephone billing systems to small office complexes and large data acquisition and analysis software to our National Laboratories and many varied and unusual software systems in between.

  We program in many languages including Visual basic, C, C++, Assembly, Javascript, Perl, PHP, and more on platforms such as Linux, Unix, Windows, RTE, VMS and several others.

Computer Repair / Data Recovery
  Crossroads Computer Services has many talents, among them are our Computer Repair and Data retrieval Services. We have many years of experience and specialized tools that helps us to recover data from your non working system or crashed hard drive. DON'T GIVE UP, We have been able to recover data where others have been dumfounded. Not all data is recoverable (Unless you're the CIA lol) but you would be surprised at how much of your lost information is.

  Crossroads Computer Services offers several multimedia services that can aid your company in it's marketing and educational efforts. We will shoot your video and produce Youtube quality results that you will be proud to display on your site. Your video can be brought to life with a variety of animations that integrate seamlessly with your story line. Due to recent increases in computer power and improved software, Disney and Pixar are not the only ones that can use animation.

Flyers & Brochures
  We offer quality desk top publishing using Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher to produce flyers and brochures that are top notch. The next time that you need a full color gorgeous document, think of us. Do you need a regularly produced newsletter, think of us. We can transform all of your documents into Adobe PDF files so that they can be easily downloaded from your web site. Publications such as newsletters and small newspapers are not out of reach for the average business.

Microcontroller Design & Programming
  Do you need a process automated. We have the ability to create small single board solutions where a costly Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is overkill and prohibitively expensive. We offer microcontroller design and prototyping in a variety of complexity ranges. For many projects an 8 bit microcontroller is all that you need, for more computational intensive solutions we also offer 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers to fit your needs. We primarily use Microchip products but we have lots of experience with Intel, Zilog, Motorola and many others.

  We use the Microchip C18 & C24 Compilers and associated Assemblers in the MPLab Development environment. Typically we program the microcontrollers in 'C' for the high level constructs and assembly language where speed is the deciding factor.

  We setup small residential and company networks that allow you to get more efficiency from your existing computers. We can secure your WiFi so that you are not providing free internet to the neighborhood and endangering the computers on your internal network.